Who is responsible for the visual inspection of weld seams?

In the case of visual identification of welding defects, the skill level of the weld seam examiner is determined by the standard. In some cases, if the person performing the visual inspection can prove their competence, they will be deemed capable of carrying out this visual quality control.

Skill level of the visual inspection examiner

The manufacturer must ensure the sufficient skill level of the person who will carry out the visual inspection of the weld seams. Depending on the standards and other external factors such as the requirements of the order giver, the competencies required of the person examining the quality of the weld visually will differ.
For example, under the EN 1090-2 welding quality standard (§12.4.1), no qualification test is required for the examiner to perform the visual inspection of welds.

In practice, it is often the welder themselves who carries out the visual inspection of their welds. The welder thus plays the role of the examiner. Therefore, the manufacturer will ensure the training of its welders in visual quality control, either:

  • Internally
  • Externally through a company specialized in the visual inspection of welds

What are the types of welding imperfection  to consider for the visual inspection of weld seams ?

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