Visual testing of fusion-welded joints

Visual inspection of welds is an essential part of any welding quality management system. Traditional inspection tools are complex to use and difficult to implement. EWG brings innovation to weld inspection with its VT® Gauges for accurate, reliable, fast, and continuous inspection.

When should visual inspection of welds be performed?

Whenever a welding quality management system is required, 100% of welds must undergo a visual testing.

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Who can perform visual testing?

In production, the welder is usually the inspector.

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What types of geometric imperfections can occur in seam weld ?

Defects are defined and classified in accordance with EN ISO 6520-1.

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What are the acceptance criteria for welding defects?

It depends on the quality standard being applied.

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How to perform visual inspection of welds?

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Disadvantages of conventional measuring tools

Conventional measuring tools require a five-step inspection process.

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Weld inspection with VT® gauges

With VT® gauges, inspection is simplified to just 3 steps. Learn more about VT® gauges.

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The VT® gauge principle is GO or NOGO. Measurements, calculations, and manipulation of standards are not involved.