When should a visual inspection of weld seams be conducted?

The manufacturer is obligated to perform a visual inspection of all weld seams as soon as a quality standard for weld inspection is applicable. The manufacturer must visually check if there are any quality defects in the welds of their product.

Quality management standards for welds

A visual inspection of all weld seams is systematically required once a welding quality management standard is demanded for the work to be performed. Welding defects must therefore be visually controlled. Examples:

  • ISO 3834
  • EN 1090-2
  • EN 15085
  • ISO 9001
  • PED

Welder qualification standards

In the welding quality management system, the following standards regarding welder qualification and welding procedure specification may apply:

  • ISO 15607
  • ISO 9606

Knowing who should carry out the visual inspection of welding seams to identify any potential welding defects

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