EWG and Welding Quality Management

Who is EWG?

EWG is a Belgian company specializing in welding quality management. The company was founded in 2012 and has staff certified as International Welding Engineers.

EWG provides support to clients implementing a welding quality system. This day-to-day experience in welding quality has allowed EWG to design and manufacture new, efficient tools for visual inspection of weld seams. A patent has been filed for these new tools, called VT® gauges.

EWG is active in:

  • The management of ISO 9606-1 welder qualification
  • The management of welding procedure qualification (WPS, PQR) ISO 15610
  • Welding machine validation EN 50504 EWG

EWG is also the official reseller of welding quality-focused tools:

  • Virtual welding
  • Welding quality management software
  • Products for NDT control

EWG’s clients include:

Training centers:

FOREM Formation
l’Institut de Soudure Industrie
L’Institut Belge de la Soudure
L’Institut Belge de la Soudure

Many companies, including

Chemins de fer belges SNCB
Références clients pour le contrôle visuel des soudures
Entreprises Guy Lardinois



Référence client PBI

Ateliers Vossen & Schaus

Electro mécanique et soudure



Learn more about the method of visual inspection of welds using VT® Gauges

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the VT® gauge principle is GO or NOGO. Measurements, calculations, and manipulation of standards are not involved.